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Train / Track Announcement Signs or Curtains

Posted August 1, 2013 By Webmaster

During July and August, Liberty Historic Railway was advised by Hudson County Open Space that they would be happy to entertain a grant application for $50,000 for a project which we deemed most worthy and needed. It would have been for the replacement of the existing, inaccurate, train / track announcement signs or curtains, which are on the concourse where there is heavy visitation when the Terminal is open. We proposed a full series of accurate signs to cover all tracks in use during the most colorful peak period of use by famous named trains – 1939 to 1949. That full series of signs (verified as correct by interviews with former CRR of NJ employees and knowledgeable historians) is on our website: . Unfortunately Park Management would not support this grant application. Their reason was that their interpretive plan dictated that any and all restoration of the Train Shed was to reflect the time period 1913-15 when the facility was completed. So, the erroneous signs will remain for the foreseeable future. LHRy tried to improve the situation…