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April 2016 update

Posted April 21, 2016 By Webmaster

A Boost for Wharton Trolley Initiative

For many months we have been working diligently on an initiative to re-install track and build a car barn on the former Central Railroad of New Jersey right-of-way on the hillside above the watered section of the Morris Canal in Hugh Force Park on the west side of the Borough of Wharton. Local and county officials have been supportive. We have received letters of support with pledges of materials, equipment and funding from the following:

  • Friends of NJ Transportation Heritage Center – rail and track parts.
  • North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society – trolley car(s) and volunteer operators.
  • United Railroad Historical Society – passenger car(s) and a locomotive (if needed).
  • Liberty Historic Railway – funding to construct a car barn, purchase ties, install track and transport supplies & equipment.


New Roof for the former CNJ Hopatcong Junction Station

LHRy has funded a replacement slate roof for the former CNJ Hopatcong Junction station which was relocated decades ago to the corner of N. Main Street and E. Dewey Avenue in Wharton. The following is a link to a time-lapse video of the re-roofing work in progress:

March 2016 update

Posted April 21, 2016 By Webmaster

Record Book Sales

The Jersey Central Train Show and Sale on 6 March in Clark allowed us to make record sales of books: $736 for URHS and $736 for LHRy! The following were the primary donors of used books: John Flint, Gene Graber, Pete Hasler, Tom McConkey, Jack McDougal, Bill McKelvey, and Barbara and Don Oberding.


Donations to Steamtown

Over the past two years we have donated the following items to the Steamtown National Historic Site library and archives: Hard and soft cover books – 1,290 items; Periodicals, public and employee timetables, etc. – 3,530 items; Post cards, photos, maps, broadsides, & other archival items – 1,798 items; for a grand total of 6,618 items! Volunteers who have helped Steamtown catalogue and file these materials included: Dave & Pat Barabas; Bob Barton, Richmond Bates, Dick Brown, Daniel Chazin, John Drennan, Andy Fisher, Tom Hampshire, the late Fred Heide, John Hemmings, Mark Miller, the late Don Oberding, Carl Rose, and John Quinlan.

Unfortunately, due to deaths, moving from the area, and old age, volunteer help has dried up and the donations are backed up at Steamtown. They have advised us that they no longer want donations of this type. We are now donating such worthy items to other libraries, archives, and non-profit organizations.