PSE&G Whitcomb 25T

Built: 1926
Builder: Whitcomb Locomotive Company
Owner: Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G)
Acquired by LHRy: 2016
Restored: 2017

This 25 ton internal combustion/mechanical drive locomotive (builder number #12228) was built for the Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G) in 1926 by the Whitcomb Locomotive Company of Rochelle, IL. After serving out the end of its career at the PSE&G plant in Clifton, NJ, the locomotive was donated to Liberty Historic Railway and transported to Boonton, NJ in 2016.

Restoration work included grit blasting; replacement of deteriorated steel; repair of damaged steel and seats; replacement of floor, roof, all windows, and electrical; priming and painting; restoration of compressed air system; and application of logos and lettering. Work was accomplished by a combination of hired independent contractors and nearly 2,000 hours of volunteer labor by a dozen individuals over 15 months at the URHS Boonton Yard.

Total expenses for the movement and restoration of this locomotive came to nearly $50,000, which was funded entirely by Liberty Historic Railway. The locomotive was donated by Public Service Electric & Gas Company. The lift at Branchburg was done by W. J. Casey Rigging; trucking was done by Izzi Rigging, and lift at Boonton was done by J-K Crane. Grit blasting, welding, painting, etc. was done by StarTrak, Inc..