Canal Boat Moved

The Canal Society of NJ was alerted to the discovery of the remains of a bow section of a Morris Canal boat.  It was found to have been used as the foundation of a residential structure in Highlands, NJ when the building was being elevated above flood zone following Super Storm Sand damage.  The boat remains were donated by the owner to the Canal Society of NJ.  The coordination of the move of the boat remains and trucking to Waterloo Village were arranged by McKelvey.  Capt. Phil Francis (owner-operator of Shadyside Trucking) brought his tractor trailer rig and big fork lift to Highlands to load the bow and floor sections of the boat.  Phil, climbing into his cab on the left, has made many dozens of discounted cost moves over the years for Friends of the NJ Transportation Heritage Center, United RR Historical Society, Liberty Historic Railway, Phillipsburg RR Historians, Whippany Railway Museum, StarTrak, and other organizations.   Francis retired as Capt. from the Ridgewood Fire Dept., NJ National Guard, and finally, from the trucking business on April 1st, 2017.  A big thank-you to Capt. Phil for all his trucking helpover the years!  The Morris Canal boat remains are now an excellent hands-on interpretive exhibit in the barn behind the CS of NJ museum at Waterloo Village.