Boonton Book Review

Bill McKelvey’s new book, The Transportation History of Boonton, NJ, was released on September 30, 2018 to much fanfare. The book is available for purchase by clicking here. A reader’s review is reprinted below.



I received the copy of your new book, The Transportation History of Boonton, NJ, that you left for me at the CSNJ table at Boonton Day on Sunday. Thank you, not only for the copy, but the magnificent work you have done, in word and photo, telling the story of Boonton's human and structural development, using the evolution of how we convey our people and wares within and without our community. Bill, we are truly fortunate to have this detailed history of this fundamental aspect of life and enterprise in Boonton, NJ. And not only is it an excellent work of research, but it suggests the compelling story that a New Jersey Museum of Transportation in Boonton can reveal to us in an awe-inspiring institution. In fact, you have convinced me to become a supporter in any way I can be useful.

Thanks and best regards,