DL&W Club Car Arrives in Whippany

After a very long, and much anticipated wait... WRyM's ex-DL&W Subscription / Parlor Car # 2454 finally moved West from Boonton Yard, over the NJ Transit Boonton Line to Denville Jct., and then East to Morristown over NJT's Morris & Essex Lines.  Once at Morristown the special move, headed by m&e locomotive #20 continued East to Whippany, where 2454 was coupled to its future running mate, CNJ #1201 Jersey Coast.

There are many people to Thank for assisting the Museum in getting to this point... but first and foremost above all, Frank Reilly and Bill McKelvey deserve a huge round of applause - as these two gentlemen insured that their respective philanthropic organizations enabled 2454 to become the stunning jewel that it is. 

Unfortunately, the car still bears some of the scars it suffered during the vicious vandalism attack in Boonton this past April.  Slowly but surely, WRyM will make those repairs.  The shattered side windows have all been replaced...  now it is a matter of installing the broken stained-glass upper "transom" windows (original to the car when built in 1912), as well as the distinctive diamond windows on each end of the car.  There is also the matter of damaged metal and paint work to address.

All in all, a very good day for WRyM...  2454 is now at Whippany... and hopefully the interior restoration will be complete perhaps a year or so down the road.